Limited edition prints

Why I Make Prints

I strongly believe that art should be accessible and obtainable.  Original paintings can take enormous lengths of time to complete, which is why they are priced fairly high.  Making limited edition prints of my original paintings provides me with the opportunity to offer my work at a more reasonable price.

The Meaning of Limited Edition

Limited edition means that only a certain number of prints will be created.  An artist can select any limit they want.  The lower the limit, the more valuable the print is assumed to be.  Personally, I have chosen the number of 250 to cap my prints at.  This means I make 250 small prints*, 250 medium prints, and 250 large prints.  And, when I say I make the prints, I truly mean I make them.  There's a real craftsmanship to printing them yourself, and I so enjoy the the hands on participation in producing each and every print form beginning to end.

*Paintings completed in 2016 and prior: small prints are printed without a limit.  Paintings completed in 2017 and after: small prints are printed to a limit of 250.

My Print Making Process

I'm very proud to say that I make all of my prints myself, at home.  I use an Epson 3880 printer and Epson fine art paper.

To begin the process, I make a high resolution scan of the original painting.  The scans I make are so detailed that if a rigid paper was used for the original painting, you will be able to see the texture of the paper in the print. 

I then work relentlessly in Photoshop until the colors of the prints mimic the original exactly. This part of my process can take hours upon hours and result in numerous test prints (which all get destroyed).  Once the colors are perfected, I begin printing.

Each print is signed, titled, and numbered before I package it. 

Certificate of Authenticity

Each limited edition print comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.  This is a medium sized card that details the type of paper and inks used for printing, as well as best care practices. Each Certificate of Authenticity is signed, dated, and numbered by me.

Informational Card

In addition to the Certificate of Authenticity, each limited edition print comes with an Informational Card.  These cards are unique to each painting and provide insight as to my inspiration or afterthoughts.  Additionally, a short bio is included on each informational card.