What does it mean to commission artwork?

If you wish to commission artwork, you are requesting that I create something specific for you.  However, if you don't have a complete idea of what you want the finished piece to look like, don't panic!  I am here to help and make suggestions, and more often than not, a commissioned piece of art becomes a collaboration between you and I.


1. Initial Contact

First, we talk it out.  We discuss your thought and ideas, what you have in mind for colors, and what you want the overall finished painting to represent.  We can go back and forth over e-mail, have a conversation on the phone, or if you're an Anchorage, Alaska local, we can meet up in person.  When we are both on the same page, I begin Step 2.


2. The Sketch

At this stage of the commission process, I will begin sketching your ideas.  If something isn't looking quite like what you had imagined, we can make adjustments.  We can make small tweaks or sweeping changes.  It's all about what you want, and you will get to approve the sketch before I move on to Step 3.


3. The Ink Work

After you have approved the sketch, I will begin the ink work.  You will start to see the smaller details come to life! At this point, the commission is only black and white.  Before moving on to Step 4, we will re-discuss your color choices.


4. The Painting

With your chosen colors in mind, I will begin the painting process.  This is where the magic happens, as everything falls into place to represent your initial idea.

5. Delivery

The final step is to deliver your artwork to you!  If you need any suggestions as to matting and framing your finished original painting, I am more than happy to offer advice.



I would be honored to bring your ideas to life through art.  If you like my style of art and would like to commission an original painting, please contact me by submitting the form below.  Please keep in mind though, that by requesting a commission, we have not entered into a contract.  This is to say that if your ideas don't fit my aesthetic, or if I believe I simply cannot provide what you are looking for, we won't be able to move forward.  And honestly, this is for your protection - I only accept commissions that I know I can successfully create because you deserve only the best.

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