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Watercolor and ink painting by Kathryn Morin

Strangers is soon to be the first completed piece in my Commitment Collection.  The collection as a whole will comment on the commitments we make to each other, the commitments we make to ourselves, and the commitment we make to our place in the world.  Strangers plays, quite literally, with the theme of bonds between individuals.  We make physical and mental connections everyday with people we will never meet, people we were meant to meet, and people we will eventually meet.

the story: from sketching in a hotel room to painting in my first home

I started sketching the initial forms in this painting back in December of 2015.  My fiancé and I decided to mentally check out for a few days, so we drove to Girdwood, Alaska, and stayed at one of our favorite retreats: the Alyeska Resort.  While he hit the slopes, I stocked up on coffee and drew by the window of our eighth floor room.  We returned to reality on Christmas Eve, and I probably didn't pick this up again until Spring of 2016.  None of my paintings are finished in one day;  I simply don't have the time nor the attention span.  Rather, I work on multiple pictures at one time and rotate between them as I gain and lose interest.

tools of the trade

Watercolor. Ink. Graphite.  Not necessarily in that order.  I use M. Graham and Qor watercolors.  With regards to ink, I use Copic Sketch Markers and Copic Multiliner Pens.  I love using the Sketch Markers because they have a brush tip and blend beautifully with other shades; it truly feels like painting when I'm using them to cover large areas, such as the background in this painting. I use the Multiliner Pens with the smallest nibs I can get them in, which is often times 0.03, 0.05, and 0.1.  I use black Multiliner Pens for almost all of the inking in all of my work, but I use colored Multiliner Pens for small details and accents.  In this painting, I use the colored Multiliner Pens to add dimension to the florals on her dress.

limited edition prints

Prints will be available in three sizes (shown below).


paper and ink

Quality supplies will extend the life of your print.  Strangers is printed on Epson's hot press fine art paper in a bright finish, which offers a luxurious weight and feel.  Only Epson inks are used.

certificate of authenticity

Each print comes with a certificate of authenticity, which details basic information about the print and original, such as dimensions, materials, and number.  Each certificate is signed and numbered by me.

informational card

An information card accompanies each print and aims to provide a glimpse at what I was thinking in the moment of creation.  It also includes a short bio as well as a favorite quote of mine.


What does pre-sale mean?  It means the painting is finished, but the prints have not been made yet.  It also means that you get a hefty discount.  By purchasing a pre-sale print, your helping me to start producing them.  It takes quite a bit of money upfront to make the prints and package them.

first twenty prints of each size will be 20% off